Why Do I Need A Personal Stylist?

Back in the day, the only people that hired personal stylist were celebrities and socialites. Slowly but surely, the “regular” women need some red carpet assistance as well, not on daily basis but to organize and edit your wardrobe and to help you figure out what your style is.

Most of my clients are either busy at work or busy at home and do not enjoy the process of shopping and planning outfits etc. Your friends, however tough love-esque are probably not going to tell you that yellow makes you look older or that, yes, these pants DO make you look fatter. It makes sense to hire someone whose sole purpose is to help you look and feel better. It’s hard to see yourself objectively. I always-always-always end up trying to force my clients to give up some absolutely ridiculous notion about their bust or legs or butt. I rework not only the wardrobe but also the attitude.

It’s also an efficient process which saves both money and time (and nerves, might I add). I come over, get a sense of what kind of life you have and figure out your clothing needs, edit your closet and email you a shopping list. Most women choose to go shopping with me afterwards which can feel like a marathon but you end up buying pieces you’ll actually wear and that look good on you, rather than hitting some random stores here and there, buying clothes very similar to what you already have.

So, if you stand in front of your closet and think that you have nothing to wear, if you are stressed by just thinking of another event you need to go to, or are not sure how to dress, I’d say that yes, you do need a personal stylist.