Actually flattering 2017 spring trends.

I have a love-hate relationship with runway fashion. It’s always fun to see what’s new and there are some designers that constantly produce beautiful wearable designs. But then again, there are so many that just send out models wearing the craziest weirdest outfits that will not like ever-never-ever be flattering on anyone. For example, take these looks from Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2017 Couture. All photos from

At the end of the show, he had a fair maiden with blond braid wearing a nightie carted away but a shirtless guy in denim overall. Just the dreams are made off….

Here are my actually doable and flattering trends for this spring and here’s the good news, these are fairly classic trends that keep coming back and are really really flattering.


100 bucks says you already own something striped (J Crew, Ann Taylor, St. James), pair it with white cropped jeans or white denim skirt (Gap makes perfectly nice ones) and you are good to go. If you want to get something new, opt for something off shoulder, another big trend.


Joa ruffled top $58; Michael Kors striped tunic $88; Free People Cannes tee $68


So pretty, feminine and wearable. All these tops are on sale for less than $35! Hurry though!

LOVE this one: Bobeau lace shirt $15.80;  Jessica Simpson floral blouse $32.97; Chaser pullover $29.97


There were a lot of sheer dresses and tops on runways (thanks Kardashians), so here’s how to wear this trend. Loved this look, so sexy and feminine, yet her bits and bobs are covered up. Well, almost. Color is so lovely and flattering. Find your nude color – if you are pale, then you need something lighter/warmer with a hint of peach, when darker more tan colors will look better.


Cushnie et Ochs. Image: Imaxfree

There was a lot of midriff bearing outfits on spring runways but even when you can pull it off (I actually have one unicorn friend, looking at you EH!, who could show her midsection after kids) I am not sure it would quite work for any other occasion than red carpets/clubs. And I cannot remember when did I go to a club last……..

Here’s how to do it: tops are the easiest, just put a nude camisole under. You can also wear dresses with strategic cutouts and again, off the shoulder tops are everywhere.

Tularosa Asher dress $198; Blaque Pleated Blouse $140; BB Dakota Oregano top $66


Bright beautiful colors. Basically most of your Lilly Pulitzer dresses and tunics. 🙂 Gorgeous dress from Ralph Lauren.


Ralph Lauren. Photo credit: Imaxfree.

ATHLEISURE was back.  ROCK CHIC: leather in all colors, leopard, fringe, studs. GRAPHIC TEES: don’t think I could get away with Easy Like A Sunday Morning or Red Wine All Day but would entertain one that says Coffee first, mommy second. STATEMENT EARRINGS.

TGIF and pantry organization!


Girls had a Dress Like a Rock Star day today and I was thrilled to remember that just as I was making coffee!!! Ugh. Not good. Luckily it worked out. I’ve been down all week with a miserable stomach bug which people doesnt always last just 24 hrs. It lingers! However, after some sleep and copious amounts of Pepto Bismol, I am getting back my will to live. CDC issued a warning that they are estimating cases of norovirus to be on the rise, estimating cases to go way up in February and March. So there’s that.

I get beyond excited over any good organization project. I’m in awe of Mallory from Classy Clutter makeover of her pantry. It really is totally doable project, both Walmart and Ikea carry a wide assortment of bins, baskets, and both plastic and glass jars. She made her labels with Silhouette Cameo, which is way too much work for me. I ordered my Epson label maker for $30 from Amazon and even got a gold tape cartridge to keep things fancy. Read about her makeover HERE.



I also like what Kelly from did with her pantry. One of her tips is something I’ve done as well – when recanting all your grains into bins, cut out cooking tips from the bag and tape it to the back of the bin. Kelly’s tips are HERE.



Hope you got some inspiration. First go through your pantry/kitchen and take stock of what you have and group like with like. All baking stuff should be in one bin, oils/vinegars together, grains grouped together, etc.

Here are the basic tools to get started.

  • label maker and tape
  • jars: flours, sugars, grains, flax seeds etc
  • plastic containers: cereal, pasta, oatmeal
  • bins: bars, treats, cookie cutters, baking stuff (baking soda, vanilla, etc)
  • baskets: snacks, chips, pretzels
  • lazy susan: oils, spices
  • stackable racks: for all the hard to reach spaces.

If your kitchen doesn’t have the most logical flow (cavernous cabinets, not enough shelves), I’ve found Rev-A-Shelf products to be quite helpful.


Home Depot carries a large assortment. Just make sure to measure twice!

Have a lovely weekend! x

My most popular Pinterest outfits

These 2 photos get repinned almost on daily basis.


Olivia Palermo

I could go on for days on my love for white shirts, they are so versatile. Wear it with jeans (tucked in and sleeves rolled up) or tuck it into a a-line skirt a la Carolina Herrera. Thing to look for is perfect fit and it has to have enough length to be properly tucked in, I’ve had luck at Gap and I also love Equipment blouses but any store will have white shirts. OP has thrown a fur coat over it and shoes add some color. I love fur as you all know but unless you live a red carpet lifestyle, the cost of fur coat divided by how many times you’d actually wear it doesn’t really equal a sound investment. I’d recommend you’d get a fur vest to try this look. Neiman Marcus Last Call has a huge fur (faux and real) sale currently here. 



Fall outfit from

I was a wee bit surprised by how popular this look was. I pinned it because I liked the color scheme, I really don’t like this belt. If you read my post on things you should toss from your wardrobe, this belt would definitely be on get rid of pile. Unless you are busty and tall, this belt would overwhelm most women. Its only redeeming quality is that it would act like a corset sucking your stomach in. I am not keen on this bag either, like the color but too slouchy for me, I can never find anything in these bags. I’d get rid of the neck scarf (if its chilly, nice beige/brown cashmere scarf would do nicely) and replace the boots with a more structured riding boot. You could wear any cardigan (this one is from Ralph Lauren) that isn’t too long, white t-shirt, aviators and any skinny jeans. Perfect #momontherun outfit.

Transitional footwear: wedge booties

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

My booties are from Sigerson Morrison, no longer available. 

We are having a fairly mild winter, hope it stays this way. I am alwaysalwaysalways cold (I have Raynauds which just means that I have impeded blood flow into my toes and fingers when it’s cold, despite the medication) so I pretty much live in UGGs and when it’s slushy, in Sorel’s. But when it’s 50 degrees outside, you kind of need to find something else.

Lot of women love booties with clunkier heel and that’s fine, I always feel like these boots make the leg look little chunkier and thus prefer wedge booties. I am beyond annoyed though that these often come in 3-4″ heels. I’m #momontherun so I need something more practical for grocery-post office-pick up-tennis lessons route.

On what color to choose:

Here’s a few I like:



Dr. Scholl’s Dakota on sale for $75

Melania Trump’s style


Photo: Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

Can I tell you a teeny-tiny secret? I like her looks. I have for years – long before Trump even thought about running this great country. These days Melanie gets a lot of flak pretty much for everything – her accent (admittedly, it’s a little stiff but c’mon, how many languages do you speak?), her hair (I like it but Racked had an interesting article on how everyone on TV has this hair), her makeup (it’s a feline look but I think it suits her), her clothes (seriously?) and just about everything else. As I said I like her. I like her hair, her makeup and her clothes. I don’t know the woman so I will refrain from discussing anything else regarding her personality.

Now her style: it’s always sexy, elegant, beautiful, very feminine and always always always impeccably tailored. You can get clothes from Ann Taylor or Gap and get it tailored to your body, it’s total game changer.  She doesn’t use a stylist from what I understand, she dresser herself. She really is a poster child for most of clothing rules!


Celebrity Apprentice

                                                                     Photo credit: Zimbio

Another look she favors, matching colors+fitted clothes. It’s one my favorite recs: have two things per outfit be in the same color family, it instantly pulls the outfit together.

Even when she is running errands, without makeup and hair d0, she still looks pulled together. Look at these wedges in the middle, so cute with all white.

And an oldie but a goodie. Look how a simple black dress can be elevated by simply using unexpected shoes. Love these Jimmy Choo booties!


*All photos w/o credits are from Pinterest.

I feel little sad for her as she will be torn apart by media and online outlets, too many are only too eager to ridicule her. I don’t think she wanted part of any of this and now there will be blow by blow coverage on everything she does and says. I hope she can find a way to deal with all of it and find her way in the midst of all this craziness.

Ski weekend

Ski weekend

MSGM sheer top

Calypso St Barth vest

Spyder clothing

J Brand white jeans
$155 –

J Crew flannel pajamas
$105 –

Moon Boot lace up boots
$130 –

Hestra glove

Good hair day a la Sophie Stanbury

Do you watch real housewives of anything? I used to, in the beginning of each show, when there actually were some traces of realness. Ladies of London is in the same vein, 5-6 women screaming at each other like high school girls at lunch breaks. But I do like Sophie for her down to earth sweetness and I really adore her hair! It’s bouncy and shiny and always looks fantastic. See what I mean?


Image via

Apparently one of her tricks is Kerastase products, which, while they are great and I have used them for ages, do not make my hair look like hers. And the second trick she uses is pretty retro – hot rollers! Wish I hadn’t tossed mine. 🙁 Here’s a link to her how-to video:

Fab as they say! Here’s a few hot roller sets from Amazon. You’d need at least shoulder length hair for this to look good and give your hair volume. If you have straight hair that doesn’t seem to hold curls well, spray lightly before you roll and then after you take curlers out. Elnett hairspray is great for this.



Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic set $14.96


Are sexy workout clothes IN?

I don’t mean those absurdly short tennis skirts that I don’t have the balls (no pun intended) to wear. They are amusing to see though, my favorites have at least 3 rows of ruffles at the bottom as well. I once wore a fairly short Adidas skirt and was totally put off by the attention from the drivers as I waited for the girls bus to come. 8:32 am is definitely not the time I try to look sexy.

Am I a prude? Or simply too conservative? I think I first noticed the trend around the holidays when semi sheer leggings popped up on gift guides. I don’t mean those infamous Lululemon ones, but leggings with sheer panels or worse. And a lot sold out, so there’s clearly a demand.

From left to right: Onzie bondage leggings $78; Michi deco leggings $165; Free People Movement Motion leggings $88

Bondage leggings? 50 shades of workout wonders. Egads.

This Under Armour sports bra is their best seller. I’d love to see someone use it in the summer outdoors, the tan lines would be totally awesome.


Onzie elastic sports bra $45

ONZR-WM49-Paradise-5aa588b8-.jpegMichi Feline sports bra is sold at Neiman Marcus for $130


Any takers? I just don’t know. I get it that you want to look cute when working out but this might be taking a bit too far for me. It’s odd given that there’s such an unfortunate movement toward athleisure clothing and more often than not I find myself wishing that women dressed up a bit more, had more fun with fashion and weren’t so hung up on body issues.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?


How to dress well and shop on budget.

Here are my top tips on shopping for clothes on budget. Before we get to clothes can I just say that you can have the best clothes/bags etc but it wont make much of a difference if your hair and skin look bad, mkey?


Anya Hindmarch Ephson Leather Handbag originally $1995, now $749.99 at Saks Off 5th

Bags and footwear: a good pair of shoes and a nice bag will instantly elevate your outfit even when sporting Old Navy skinny jeans (great for petites) and H&M sweater. The best sales are usually around Nov-Dec timeframe. Designer handbags are expensive so if you are on a budget, think long and hard whether you want an IT bag or would rather get something different or more classic which wont date your bag so easily. For designer footwear, some brands have outlets and most do annual sample sales. If you live in tristate area Madison Avenue Spy blog has great updates and announcements on all sales online and in the city.

Websites to try:; Gilt (members only, if you want to have access, send me an email and I’ll add you).

For slightly used but verified luxury items: Portero, The Real Real

There’s obviously Ebay but it really is full of fakes and as far as shoes go, each brand is very specific in sizing, it’s hard to buy online. Even if you are let’s say size 39 in Louboutin Pigalle pumps, but their Isolde heels run small so you’d like be 40. Heel height influences fit too, so its really easy to make mistakes.

Clothes: Lot of experts recommend buying t-shirts on the cheap and saving money for other things. IMHO, if you wear something a lot, it ought to be the best quality it can be. Cheaper options are made of thinner material, yellow quickly and cling to places they shouldn’t! Jeans go on sale fairly frequently and outlets for Neimans and Saks carry a large assortment. AG and Paige have outlets at Woodbury Commons in upstate New York if you live close enough to visit. If you happen on a good sale, stock up!

Here’s a link to all upcoming sample sales in the city, scroll down to see the list.

Dresses – when I go shopping with my clients, I always scan sale racks for dresses and more often than not make them buy one or two. I always get “Where am I going to wear this?”. I don’t know. But I do know that at some point you will need a dress for some event and this dress we just bought will save you from running out and buying some other dress you may not love as much at full price.

Last but not least: there’s a proverb in Estonian which roughly translates to service the sled in summer, and horse carriage in winter. Meaning that you’d get best prices on summer clothes in the fall and winter and on winter clothes in the spring. Just don’t buy randomly because you won’t remember what you really need. Ideally, at the end of every season you’d make a list of things you need. If you desperately hated your cover up, mark it down and then in November when its rainy and muddy outside, make yourself a mojito and search the internet. January usually has great sales on last year’s summer clothes. has some great options up to 75% off.

From left to right: Tularosa Sara dress $89; L’Academie Safari blouse $93; For Love&Lemons Gracey dress $97; Privacy Please Moni dress $134

Likewise, wait till spring to start buying winter clothes! All you need is a detailed list and lots of patience. Another good tip is to go shopping right after any big holiday when retailers need to unload.

Makeup and perfumes: I’d avoid buying these at discount sites as its usually expired product. Amazon has some attractive pricing on makeup and brushes but when you look at who is selling it through Amazon, its often times someone completely unrelated to the business they represent or Amazon itself. Sephora and most department stores have excellent sales and offer great product sets at discounted prices before Christmas.

Sunglasses: another thing to avoid online. Sizing is different, fit varies etc., you should really try them on before purchasing. I’ve found Sunglass Hut stores at various outlets to have crazy sales. I’ve paid full retail for some of my favorite sunglasses which can be high but if you wear them frequently, cost per wear is reasonable.

Hope this was helpful. Now go and start looking around for great cashmere sales!

Golden Globes 2017 best and worst dresses.

I was bored this year. There were so many safe pretty dresses, while you have access to so many designers with such fascinating options. I dunno. I’ve done pageants so I am sort of over these dresses, but clearly these still hold appeal.

My favorites in no particular order.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Busy Phillips with Michelle Williams. I love the dress Busy is wearing with the yellow embroidery and matching clutch, fit is great, cleavage is sexy but not over done. I like the hair, the only thing I would change is lips – red would have been great. Don’t like the Victorian milkmaid thing Michelle Williams has going on though. 🙁

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Jan 2017

Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana. Midi dresses can be tough but she looks beautiful. Sheer but not tacky, love the lip and matching toenail color, to me this works. I do wish this thing at the waist was not put on. Lot of people disliked this dress but not me!

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Jan 2017

Naomi Harris in custom Armani. This almost looks like wired LED lights were wrapped around the dress but nevertheless, its an interesting texture, beautiful color, fit, silhouette and she is just stunning. Old school glamour.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa. I think NYT was insinuating that this was potentially a not so great dress but I absolutely disagree. This is a strong, beautiful and very feminine look. The shape is tricky, not for short girls, glad hair is up to further elongate the silhouette. Make up and jewelry are perfect. This totally rocks imho. (and ps! so glad she is no longer competing with Kardashians who can wear less clothes out in public.)

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Jan 2017

Last but not least Olivia Culpo. Another dress that drew a lot of criticism “she drowns in it”. Yes, the skirt is big but the fit is good, boobs look good. Very strong, Dolce&Gabbana-esque look, reminds me of Monica Bellucci a bit. She took a risk and if nothing else people will remember this dress over some chiffony boring prettyness.

On to my losers:

NBC's "74th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals

Natalie Portman has stolen Pat Atchul’s look from Southern Charm and dont think she can pull it off as well as Pat! She looks heavy, matronly and little out of it. Wait, is she pregnant? If so she gets a pass but she could have still rocked a different dress. Go for fitted when pregnant, so much better than covering it up.


NBC's "74th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals

All photos from

I love SJP but this is SO bad in so many levels. Bad wedding gown with awful sleeves. I dont like this “shoulder hole” trend. Go off shoulder. And the hair – is that in memory of Carrie Fischer? But what absolutely confuses me is this eye makeup. She looks like she has been hypnotized or something, her eyes are rolling back. No, no, no.

There were others I didnt like but eh, enough of that for now.