NYE outfit ideas!

Here comes the jackpot question in advance
What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?

I am not going to lie to you, 2017 has been a very, very, very tough year. Maybe the toughest. Or perhaps it was a good year as it could have been worse. Either way, I am ready to say good bye and hope 2018 will be, well, better! We are going to celebrating with a group of dear friends that have made this year bearable and my world would be a darker place without them for sure. Here are my pretty girls.


I hope wherever you are going, you’ll be spending NYE with the ones you love. And should you feel like dressing up a bit, there’s really no better time.

Love this outfit, festive sequins are balanced with a casual sweater. It looks comfortable, not contrived and totally festive.


Or wear tailored pants either in interesting color (red/blue/green) and pair it with white blouse or ivory cashmere sweater. Fitted pencil skirt would work also. If the looks skews toward too monochromatic, do a big cuff or red lips! Cannot go wrong with red lips!




Little lace. Little skin. A lot of attitude.


Elie Tahari

And if you are like me and bought yourself a pair of over-the-knee boots which still haven’t come out of the box, you could pair it with a simple dress or sweater dress. Though keep in mind that this outfit only works if you are standing and people can see the boots. If most of your night is spent sitting at the table, you’ll want to wear a top that pops.


Stephanie Hollman, my new favorite housewife. I would actually be her friend, she is funny and solid. Love. 

Have a really happy new year!!!




Nordstrom’s Bi-annual Sale

Who’s up for spending some more money after Christmas?


1 Ellen Tracy Wool Blend Stadium Coat $129.90, comes in many colors, the lavender is adorable. 2. Sole Society Juno Faux-Shearling Trim boots $83.96. Love the color and thicker rubber sole. 3. Buy buy buy dresses on sale even when you don’t know where are you going to wear them. Should anyone have a summer wedding, this Cooper St Lily Drape Sheath dress is to die for and a steal for $95.96


1. UGG Freamon Chukka boot warm, clean looking and practical. $99.90. Love the brown as well. 2. Hugo Boss trim wool suit, love the blue color $536.98 3. Barbour Powell quilted jacket $223.90, a New England classic, love the fit and color.



1. Am tempted to buy these dresses for next holiday season Pippa&Julie animal print sweater dress $32.40. 2. Wish I hadn’t already bought girls their rain boots as these are absolutely darling, Joules Evedon Bow rain boots $29.96. 3. Fun iScream bubblegum scented pillow $15.60. Might make a cute Easter basket stuffer!



1. I really love this, but I don’t love the price. Its heavily discounted though and beautiful. Mauvel M’heritage 10 piece copper cookware set $1300. 2. Cathy’s concepts monogrammed buffalo check throw $46.90. Blue and white would be so beautiful in the summer, esp on the chillier summer nights. Great gift as well. 3. Dash&Albert rugs are great for small kids and pets, love the patterns as well. Get 8×10, most people get rugs that are too small. Annabelle rug is gorgeous $798.90.




The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Seeing that I wrote a post mid-November telling y’all how to do this holiday season right, I figured I owed you an update. So this was me pre-Thanksgiving planning it all out. By God, I was going to do it all and do it so well.


And then… my sweet, gentle, funny 6 year old daughter managed to somehow get into so much trouble. She fell against a brick wall when playing basketball, she shoved a bead up her nose just as we were about to have a dinner party, she got sick and has really high  fever, her neck swell up, more fever, Thanksgiving in the hospital as she had emergency surgery to drain an abscess followed by a fall down the stairs and big gash under the chin…. It seemed like it would never ever end. My husband had a sinus infection which caused his nose to swell up so much he looked like some unfortunate boxer. It was not at all what I had planned.

Oh well. We rolled with it. Had Thanksgiving dinner several days later. Put up Christmas decorations which took me pretty much all of December to complete. Ran around the stores looking for the damn Fingerlings and LOL dolls. Didn’t get my sister-in-law a gift at all! When I finally mailed off all the gifts, it was 1.5 weeks till Christmas and the line was horrendous. Well. There’s always next year.


Oh, way under ordered the cards. Ugh.

I had decided on Candyland theme for the kitchen – breakfast room area. Luckily I had made the peppermint candy in September and made the whole family paint them! Gum drops under the tree were already done as well. Unfortunately I am not one of those people that puts decorations up in a day or two and calls it a day. I zhoosh like endlessly.

There were lollipops and candy canes next to Santa at the entry as well. I didnt get nearly as many photos as I wanted to. Next year! This was our main tree.


And then I mucked around the rest of the house, zhooshing up garlands as flower arrangements and buying more greens. I love the pine smell. Love. Took me forever to find a tartan tablecloth that fit our table, ended up buying 3 smaller ones to cover ours. This is a bad photo but how cute are those little nutcracker teddy bears guarding my foyer?


We saw Nutcracker with girls, made gingerbread houses and countless cookies. Ate too much frosting and had fun finding our elves. And then Santa came!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with friends, again no pictured! 🙁 And enjoyed the traditional Estonian Christmas dinner of pork, potatoes, sauerkraut and blood sausages. And on Christmas Day, we woke up to the most perfect, magic white Christmas morning ever.


It was perfect. It wasn’t but it was. I had a cold and Gary was exhausted but as we sat by the fire, drank hot coffee and watched the girls tear into their gifts and shout with delight, I thought how perfect it was. Just as I had planned. 🙂 I hope yours was, too.