2020 goals!

I gave up on resolutions a long time ago. I either wanted more patience or had a long list comprising of steady standbys such as get super healthy, take over the world. have a storybook family, etc etc. Set myself up for a bit of failure right there. I didnt think much of goals for this year until a friend emailed for some suggestions as her resolution was better hair in 2020. I like this goal. More attainable than mine anyhow!!!!

So, wait, I want better hair also. I will try out Ali Andrea’s recommendations here, and will let you know how I do. Every hairstylist recommends Biotin, a few models I knew swore on Viviscal which I tried but wasnt sure whether it helped or not, maybe I didnt take it long enough. Ali is a super beautiful makeup artist (not to the Kardashians, more so to normal women who do age). WHO can help me with that eyeliner move? I always end up looking like a rained out extra from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 🙁 This video was so great:

More time for me. I have the time, I just always fill it with either organizing, cleaning, or waisting it on Internet. What a black hole Pinterest is!!!! I keep buying books and then not read them. Perhaps its more of a time management and priorities rearrangement thing then.

More time with family but quality over quantity. What I enjoyed most over the holidays was cooking with my daughters. I made my husband go and see a play at the Westport Playhouse and while the play was so so, we both enjoyed doing something different.

I am going to try to paint. I am not artistic or crafty, well, not in the traditional sense. I love to set tables, decorate for holidays, design interiors but I absolutely can’t paint. Even decorating Christmas cookies is a challenge.

My friend Tina Duncan is quite safe from my competition as she won again the Wilton Library’s annual gingerbread competition!

I got this as a Christmas gift, I mean even I should be able to do paint by numbers, right? Right? Looks intimidating but I’ll give it a try.

All About Austin


I want to get back to cooking. I used to enjoy it, used to have a whole blog basically built around it but then I had my second child and there was no time. I still cook 2 meals, one for my daughters to eat around 5:30-6 and the second one for my husband and I around 8:15-8:30 because that’s when he gets home and at the very least he should get a warm meal. Sometimes we eat the same stuff but my youngest especially is so picky, I have lost the enjoyment I got from cooking. I found this cook book and I love the recipes and the author’s take on cooking. Very much my speed. Samin Nosrat is a James Beard award winning chef and truly covers all the bases. Like what Joy of Cooking was, with fewer recipes, but oh so good. If you like Ina, you’ll like her. If you know very little about cooking, this is your book.


There you are, probably the most boring goals ever but that’s what they are. I am stirring the caponata right now, snuggled with girls for a good while and read a gardening book so I am crushing it. LOL. What are your goals?