Best Halloween Decorations

WSJ had an article on Saturday’s Off Duty section of whether halloween decor should be tasteful. I really do not see the point in arguing over pros and cons of any holiday decor. It should be whatever makes you and your family happy! I celebrate most holidays rather enthusiastically and it’s not just because I like to decorate (though I do). Its because I’ve always believed that no matter what goes on in the world, you will always know there’ll be Thanksgiving and my corn casserole. And that will never change. No matter how sad or mad or tired, the holidays will be there, it may be a small comfort but it’s something. Something you can influence and control and make happen. How you do it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with taste and style. It’s about how the house makes you feel.

Halloween Happy Hour

One of our skeletons got Playboy coat and pipe from Gary’s old costume and he keeps court at the kitchen island.

Our fall garland which I have on timer to come on in the am and pm, we love not waking up to a dark house. I added black trees and spooky Mona Lisa art over it.

Living room mantel with Halloween pumpkins (easy DIY) and black garland across.


Halloween themed table scape. I talk about how to assemble it and my sources on this video where I also show you how to put together the fall garland seen above. I’m terribly stiff in front of the camera, so I highly recommend having a drink or 2 while watching it. Happy decorating whatever style you pick!!!

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