Beautiful Thanksgiving table settings

Monochrome color scheme always works. You can find pheasant feathers online. This is a perennial favorite. Runner in the middle and pile pumpkins in the middle, mix some candles in and antlers. Btw, pet stores sell antlers, you'd just have to spray paint them if you want white or gold. This couldn't be easier, just … Continue reading Beautiful Thanksgiving table settings

Best sales picks of the week!

It is so cold! I don't know about you but every time the temps drop below 60 degrees I instantly feel like buying more cashmere sweaters. And there will be snow on Friday! Take a look at these sales picks for upcoming holiday season. I am finding, now that I am 40, that there are … Continue reading Best sales picks of the week!

Quick tips for hosting on Thanksgiving.

Food: prepare ahead! Make lasagna¬†and freeze, chili or soups, bake or buy some cookies/muffins/croissants. Stock up on chips, salsa, assemble a quick cheese tray, have plenty of wine etc. Find a good deli where you can buy some prepared salads, stuff for sandwiches and buy some pies from local bakery. You do not have to … Continue reading Quick tips for hosting on Thanksgiving.

Best gifts for kids – holiday guide!

I remember researching the web last year and thinking man those fingerlings look kind of silly but hey, maybe I'll pick them up for stocking stuffers but no need to get them now. And next thing I knew they were sold out everywhere, all moms were in full on panic and I got a tip … Continue reading Best gifts for kids – holiday guide!