Last minute chic gift ideas

Photo credit: Ryan Lavine

I can’t believe that Christmas Eve is here in one week! We usually have a big dinner that night of pork, sauerkraut, potatoes and blood sausage! I feel like I have become quite the connoisseur of those sausages as so many countries make a version, tracking down one that was most reminiscent of Estonian ones wasn’t easy but found a delightful Polish store that carries excellent ones. Have you gotten all your gifts ordered, shipped and wrapped? Work in progress over here, the poor guy at USPS is like As I said last year, these wont make it for Christmas. 🙁 In case you are missing a few gift ideas for yourself, check out these ideas!

I feel like you can’t go wrong with jewelry, these are beautiful but delicate enough for every day use.

Julie Vos - Medici Statement Earring, Pearl 1
Medici Statement Pearl Earrings $185

This book is on my wishlist for sure. Bunny Williams, socialite, interior designer and a woman who designed several gardens in the White House and those in Paris belonging to Givenchy. 

American interior designer, socialite and avid gardener who designer several gardens in the White House (incl the rose garden) and the ones belonging to French couturier Givenchy. $37.42
PJ LUXE Luxe Modal PJ Set
PJ Salvage Luxe Modal PJ set $102
Love these shoes, Ferragamo Peony Bow Pump Shoe on sale for $416. Pricey but such a classic, you’ll wear this forever. 

Lastly, has anyone used these tools? Glo Pro came out awhile ago but I feel like its everywhere now. Microneedling tool that pricks your skin a tiny bit s whatever lotions potions go on it afterwards, go much deeper and skin (because it was pricked) will regenerate itself. I feel like my skin is so dull these days, wanted to give it a try, reviews are great and Sephora has a whole set for sale. $199

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Off you go my elves and work your magic to bring holidays to everyone but don’t forget yourself!