Monday Musings: what do we hide?

I hope everyone slept well and is fully ready to take on this week! We had a lovely weekend of gardening and fun get together with friends but I am awful sore from all the digging we did in preparation of planting the roses I ordered!

1. I was at a ladies luncheon and while chatting with a group of them somehow the talk went to who does what to their faces (Botox, fillers, laser) and they all said they hide it from their husbands. I feel like mine wishes he knew less than he does! Do you hide your purchases from your partner? I was a little taken back. My husband doesnt regulate my spending but he has complained about all the Christmas stuff. Oops! Well let me take that back, I guess I do hide some stuff from him!!!

Image result for hiding purchases from your spouse meme

I like to go to estate sales and thrift stores, I love the hunt of it and more often than not, it will be holiday purchases! I have snuck some stuff into the basement w/o him knowing! Hubs and my daughters just needed to get me out of the house so they could bake my birthday cake. I had full permission to go get something nice but I ended up buying this culinary Santa, brand new but bike is broken. I haggled it down to $20 and need to get to jewelers so they could solder it together. LOL.

2. Lord&Taylor put together a fashion show of spring trends and one of my biggest pet peeves was front and center: ankle boots with dresses.

Related image

I see it all the time.

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Unless you are unbelievably skinny and tall, this trend is guaranteed to make you look heavier and shorter. Look at the visual lines, even in the light color it cuts off the line of you leg and makes visible bare leg look shorter. If you absolutely must do this trend with dresses, pick booties or sandals that are lower on the side.

ankle booties with dress

Fancy Ashley

3. Do you have your Easter decor out yet? I have done nothing! We are in the midst of getting some furniture in, house is a mess and it snowed the other day here in Connecticut. But I better get to it. I think my planters in the front still have old holiday stuff in it. I am totally obsessed with this planter from Serendipity Refined – how gorgeous is this!!!


or this also from her


Deborah Silver is an uber talented landscape designer and her planters are so unique, I love how she combines different colors and materials.

#spring #urn

Love these too, easily customizable to your favorite color.