Reality vs “reality”.

I came across comedian Celeste Barber attempts to mimic some of the popular celebrity instagram photos and wanted to share these.

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I use my Pinterest boards quite often with new clients just to try to understand what they like and how they’d like to dress. Usually the most popular outfits are fairly simple, somewhat conservative, cute and “put together”. What gets lost in translation is that most of these photos aren’t candid photos, even the ones that look like they are. These photos were staged with makeup artist, hair dresser, great photographer and finished off with photoshopping. None of us lounge comfortably on the couch wearing a t-shirt and undies with perfect spray tan and makeup or go out to run errands in a crop top and heels. So, as you tackle your winter wardrobe as the temperatures drop, here are some recommendations:

  • if you didn’t wear it last fall/winter, donate
  • do get on Pinterest etc and create a style board for yourself but be realistic and pick images that a) work for your body and b) work for your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time in leggings and sweaters, then by God, go find the most flattering leggings and best quality sweaters you can afford.
  • create a list of items you need (again, utilize your board) and shop off of that list. Do NOT buy jeans or shoes because you like the fit or color if you already have some that work and what you really need is tops etc.