Sales Worth Visiting

If any of you needs a black tie gown or a wedding dress, head to Woodbury Commons in upstate NY. Neiman Marcus Last Call store is closing and everything is 60-80% off. There was fur (didn’t buy any, though it was hard), jeans, and a breath taking array of gowns. Every designer, every price point and they even had bridal gowns. Not the poofy – i can hide the ring bearer under this – kind of dresses but more modern, slimmer ones with gorgeous detail. I gasped when I saw the dresses. The selection is really amazing from really high end designers to more contemporary brands.


Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016.

I’d also recommend that you recall what items of clothing you were needing over the winter and search for those. NM online sites had a great selection of cashmere dresses in every color, discounted by 50-60%. Buy the best you can, 2 ply cashmere is too think and will show everything. Like everything. All winter boots are on sale. If you can adjust your buying seasonally and have a little patience, there are amazing deals to be had.

I have not been posting in ages as I have been at work in my garden. When we moved here, there were a few bushes and some day lilies, that’s it. Japanese juniper covered a variety of beds which I came to discover were really there to hide tree trunks that hadn’t been grinded down. It was (is) a PROJECT. And the time and money it takes…. Not for the faint hearted. I heard someone saying that you either in pay with money or time as in the bigger plants cost more, the smaller ones less but you have to wait to get the results you wanted. Egads…. BUT you can save some if you are still looking for some plants. Two of my favorite nurseries are having a sale this Saturday: Oliver’s Nursery in Fairfield and Gilbertie’s in Westport. If you are local, those are totally worth going to.