All styling appointments begin with the wardrobe edit – going through all the items so I can see what you already have and what you need to add. You’ll need to try on clothes so I can see how they fit, and what doesn’t work gets taken to a tailor or given away/donated. This process usually takes 4 hours on average depending on the size of a closet. I’ll follow up with an overview of what work’s best, what to avoid, and a detailed shopping list with brand recommendations. From there, you can go shopping on your own, with me, or I can do it for you.

We also offer periodic closet organization monthly or seasonally to keep clothes organized and up to date. As you change, your needs and wants do too.


Lots of women prefer to have a stylist help them put together a look for a special event. We live in an increasingly casual world and the dressy events of our life are few and far between, which is why you should have fun with it!


It might seem preposterous to hire a stylist to help you to pick out your wedding dress. After all, it’s a lovely tradition to do the dress shopping with your mother, best friends, etc. but that can also be incredibly stressful. This is about you and what looks best on you. Most importantly, you should look your very best and a stylist can best help you that.


After determining your needs and preferences, we can go ahead with the shopping. While I do go shopping for my clients on my own and keep an eye out for extra pieces, I prefer to do a few bigger seasonal shopping trips together. It’s more efficient, great educational experience for a client and saves money. It’s a much more personalized experience than using a personal shopper at a local mall or at an online store.