Should you dress your age?

If I had a dollar each time I get asked that, I would, you know, have a LOT of dollars. What does that mean exactly? As we approach, let’s say, 50, will there be a manual of Mature Clothing with long hair and short skirts crossed out and handy Talbots and Chico’s catalogue attached? Btw, not throwing shade at Talbots here, haven’t been in ages (or maybe ever) but they had some great flats and jackets in their latest catalogue that still comes to mrs we bought the house from.

May I present the first lady of France? 64, ladies, 64. Brigitte Macron.


Absolutely stunning.

So, the rules. I don’t think you should cut your hair off when you become a mother. And I don’t think that skirts should show up on Cape Cod vacations. And I always always always say wear things that fit you, show off one body part, if you do smoky eyes, do a nude lip and simple eye with red lip. If you feel like huge pom pom earrings (pom pom anything is so trendy this spring/summer) look silly on you, get a top with little pom trim or beach bag with it. Adjust and modify. Take care of your skin and hair and value quality over quantity. If there is one rule to go buy it’s this: if it looks good on you and fits you, wear it!

I am not even going to throw Christy Brinkley at you, or Diane Sawyer. Here’s my gorgeous friend Vera. I think she is in her late 60s but am not sure anymore! She looks so good.


This will be me. Don’t tell Gary.


Less radical but equally gorgeous options.

What do you think?