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Monday Musings

I think I am having a bit of a middle life crisis: not entirely sure who I am, what I want, what to wear or eat or do or cook. Or perhaps its all because I haven’t been able to sleep and had some nausea that kept me up for a night or two. Very annoying either way.

1.A dear friend invited us over to her family’s beach house on the Cape which was such a lovely intro to summer. Delicious lobster rolls, lots of fresh strawberries, crisp white wine and chatting till well 10 pm. 🙂

Her husband’s grandmother made this.

We went on a day trip to Nantucket. Expensive as hell but so beautiful.


Kids got some ice cream and we all walked down to the beach. I have tried meditation but wasn’t terribly good at it, this is much more my speed. Something so peaceful about this view.

2.I wanted to share this really helpful garden design how to link from Garden Design magazine.

These photos are from Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT.

Love this gateway, there’s strong metal support underneath the evergreens and I am sure it was not easy to train the trees like that but what an amazing result.

3.My youngest one turned 8 and my oldest will turn 10 on the 4th. Its crazy and a little scary how fast time goes. I remember her birth like it was yesterday… All she wanted for her birthday was the hoverboard and can I tell you that not only can I stand up on it, it is totally addictive. I have visions of me flying around the house while taking care of business. LOL.