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Holiday Decorating with Wilton Woman’s Club

I inherited my decorating bug from my mother, our house was always decorated for holidays and she had a knack for coming up with really creative and beautiful ideas. I love the fantasy and fun of holiday decorating and transforming your home every year.

Here’s a link for the video for the Wilton Woman’s Club:


Normally I use a seasonal floral arrangements here but came across these cool white and gray pumpkins at Stew Leonards and loved them. Few in the back are on acrylic risers to give the arrangement some height and dimension. If you do not have risers, use an empty glass vase turned upside down. Some greenery or white mums (deer ate mine ugh) and fairly lights completes it. Add some mice, crows or spiders for Halloween.



I love creating different tables capes and collect different types of placemats, napkins, china. While we are not entertaining in 2020 (thanks covid), it is fun to do this with your family, to set up a special dinner for them, to make a memory. We couldn’t go trick or treating with our friends or go to parties like we normally would but we sure can have a really fun dinner! Both my daughters have been enthusiastically coming up with menu ideas: Melanie wants to make deviled eggs as an app and Olivia found a pasta recipe with tomato sauce and meatballs that look like eyeballs! I can’t wait.

Centerpiece is made of magnolia branches, I believe Earth Garden in Wilton has them, protea flowers (use any dark blooms) and pheasant feathers (ordered these from Etsy). Little dark pumpkins, pomegranates from Stews/Stop&Shop.

Placemats are from Open House Gift Shop: www.openhousegiftshop.com.Chargers: Michaels; plates with gold trim not available but similar ones available at Kohl’s, Wayfair, etc.; napkins and Halloween crackers from William Sonoma, tortoise shell napkins rings vintage, check Ebay or Etsy or here, crystal glasses Ralph Lauren, tabletop gargoyles similar here, silver candleholders similar on sale here, spider rings here.


Measure first, then purchase and buy more than you think you need no matter what size fireplace you have. This type of garland only works when you mass it together and don’t forget lights (gold, orange, yellow), floral wire, and common hooks (stronger the better).

Garlands: here, here and here, different color scheme but if you like black and white this is so cute, great price on this 2 pack here. Velvet pumpkins and gold pears and apples from Pottery Barn, individual picks, stems and bush pick from Michaels here. Pheasant feathers from Ebay.


If you do not want to decide/do a theme for your Christmas decor, I still suggest that you decide on a color scheme such as green and orange, or green and red, or maroon, gold and purple – endless options, and then use those colors throughout the house. Keep to the same style also, rustic Americana w logs and plaid doesn’t go with glam silver ornaments and shiny silver. Ornaments are really inexpensive these days and you use ribbon in your decor to add some color and texture. I prefer wired ribbon as it handles better.

I wanted to do something different this year so I decided on assembling an ornament garland. I ran out of ornaments pretty quickly, for something like this you want to use at least 400 ornaments (SHATTERPROOF) and get them in different sizes from 3″ to 6″. I tucked in some dark green ribbon to tone it down. There’s an excellent tutorial here: Sullivan Owen.

I think this is going to get removed to decorate the evergreens by the front door. But it was something different, girls loved it, I learned some new tricks and I do think it will look stunning outside. You will make mistakes, some things will break, and you will change things around. Sometimes the next day! Keep the scale and proportion in mind and decide well before Christmas what you are going to do and then buy what you need. This is not the type of thing to tackle a day after Thanksgiving, you will get discouraged and stressed out, Planning ahead makes all the difference! For some more inspiration, here’s a post on our holiday decor from last year: My Christmas Home Tour 2019.

Thank you WWC and Happy Holidays!



Stay tuned for an exciting announcement early next week!

Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint…

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Seeing that I wrote a post mid-November telling y’all how to do this holiday season right, I figured I owed you an update. So this was me pre-Thanksgiving planning it all out. By God, I was going to do it all and do it so well.


And then… my sweet, gentle, funny 6 year old daughter managed to somehow get into so much trouble. She fell against a brick wall when playing basketball, she shoved a bead up her nose just as we were about to have a dinner party, she got sick and has really high  fever, her neck swell up, more fever, Thanksgiving in the hospital as she had emergency surgery to drain an abscess followed by a fall down the stairs and big gash under the chin…. It seemed like it would never ever end. My husband had a sinus infection which caused his nose to swell up so much he looked like some unfortunate boxer. It was not at all what I had planned.

Oh well. We rolled with it. Had Thanksgiving dinner several days later. Put up Christmas decorations which took me pretty much all of December to complete. Ran around the stores looking for the damn Fingerlings and LOL dolls. Didn’t get my sister-in-law a gift at all! When I finally mailed off all the gifts, it was 1.5 weeks till Christmas and the line was horrendous. Well. There’s always next year.


Oh, way under ordered the cards. Ugh.

I had decided on Candyland theme for the kitchen – breakfast room area. Luckily I had made the peppermint candy in September and made the whole family paint them! Gum drops under the tree were already done as well. Unfortunately I am not one of those people that puts decorations up in a day or two and calls it a day. I zhoosh like endlessly.

There were lollipops and candy canes next to Santa at the entry as well. I didnt get nearly as many photos as I wanted to. Next year! This was our main tree.


And then I mucked around the rest of the house, zhooshing up garlands as flower arrangements and buying more greens. I love the pine smell. Love. Took me forever to find a tartan tablecloth that fit our table, ended up buying 3 smaller ones to cover ours. This is a bad photo but how cute are those little nutcracker teddy bears guarding my foyer?


We saw Nutcracker with girls, made gingerbread houses and countless cookies. Ate too much frosting and had fun finding our elves. And then Santa came!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with friends, again no pictured! 🙁 And enjoyed the traditional Estonian Christmas dinner of pork, potatoes, sauerkraut and blood sausages. And on Christmas Day, we woke up to the most perfect, magic white Christmas morning ever.


It was perfect. It wasn’t but it was. I had a cold and Gary was exhausted but as we sat by the fire, drank hot coffee and watched the girls tear into their gifts and shout with delight, I thought how perfect it was. Just as I had planned. 🙂 I hope yours was, too.




Organizing christmas decor

It looks like Christmas outside, we’ve got at least a foot of snow and more is coming. Kids are watching Christmas movies and I thought what better time to tackle this mess here:


I had picked up matching Sterilite containers earlier from Home Depot for $8.99 and also bought this massive Husky shelving unit. It weighed a ton and was a total operation to get into my SUV so I have to caution you, have a handyman pick it up if possible. I drove home my face against the front window. Not fun.

Then girls and I took out ALL the boxes and containers, emptied and sorted them. Like went with like. All gold ornaments together, all picks together, all lights in one box etc etc etc. Tossed a few items I hadnt really used. Then we carefully packed it up again while my less than thrilled hubby assembled the storage unit. While Melanie worked without any complaints, Olivia kept complaining and asking me why I didnt do this after Christmas. Maybe I should have had, but truth be told, as much as I love Christmas and all that goes with it, right after New Years Eve I am over it and all I want to do is pack it all away and clean the house.

I labelled everything so I would know what’s what. I also had my hubs hang plenty of hooks for wreaths so they could all be up. The only downside is that he will see how many wreaths you have and really question your judgement!


And we ran out of hooks.


It’s SO much better than before. That green unlabelled container is where the more special and fragile ornaments reside. I still need to order another storage unit where all the loose stuff could go like little trees, Christmas flower arrangements, specific bowls and trays etc.

Other great ideas from my Pinterest Organizing folder: