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Getting ready for overnight guests.

Quick primer on getting guest rooms ready and making sure both you and your guest(s) have a great time and feel comfortable.

Empty a few dresser drawers or if possible, some closet space, and add some extra hangers. Same goes for the bathroom drawers. If you have extras, robe and slippers are much appreciated.


Leave out the following:  water, tissues, Advil (PM), wi-fi information, some books and magazines on a nice tray or on the bedside tables. A throw or a second blanket on the bed is always handy.


Set some extra towels in the bathroom along with toothpaste and extra tooth brush, I like to use the extras we get from the dentist. Leave some extra toilet paper in there so they dont need to come looking for you when it runs out, add some shampoo-conditioner and body wash by the shower.

Light a candle in the room before they arrive or leave a diffuser there so the guests will feel welcome as soon as they enter. Clean and you are done!