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Popular Interior Design Trends In High End Homes

I work as a stager and interior designer and in addition to seeing my clients homes I also toured close to 12 holiday homes in Fairfield County in the last month. Some homes were amazing, some were instantly forgettable but there were 4 different trends that I thought I’d share with you.

Modern Farmhouse: oh the modern farmhouse trend courtesy of the adorable Chip and Joanna Gaines. It’s definitely the number one trend amongst my clients who see it as homey, light filled, and livable, not too contemporary, not too traditional. The trouble with this trend is that while its looks inviting, it may really not be your style and shiplap, leather, metal etc may not translate into your house. You can’t just do one room in it, you have to apply it to your whole house for a cohesive look. BLESS THIS MESS sign is cute for a like a month, but after awhile it gets old.

Jeffrey Dungan Farmhouse Kitchen

A farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Jeffrey Dungan.

One of my pet peeves is definitely the lack of practicality and functionality. This room looks stunning, no question about that. But who is going to clean and organize those open shelves? These must be kept immaculate for that to look good. Also, imagine having breakfast by that table: coffee cups, granola, eggs, bacon, newspaper – cant fit any of that in there.

Realtor.com listing in Wilton, Connecticut

Barndoors – I’ve seen it everywhere and they don’t really block sounds or odor so I am not quite sure what the purpose is. Cheaper than a pocket door installation for sure but not very practical.

But the modern farmhouse trend is still going strong, it seems safe like wearing a black cocktail dress to a party. Every store has a farmhouse style options so it’s certainly very available and popular. I personally am ready to see it go.

Modern Luxury look: clean Euro style with luxurious touches, basically Restoration Hardware. It appeals for the same reason as farmhouse style – you can go by the whole room from them, except it’s not the black cocktail dress, it’s a gray cashmere one!


Elle Decor

Light gray on walls everywhere, while lot of designers are tired of it and ready to move on, general public still loves it. It looks more fresh than other colors and makes your home look new-ish.

I actually like this trend as I am into neutrals with different textures and oh the chandeliers, I also like the blank canvas this gives you. Several homeowners on the Holiday House Tour both in Ridgefield and New Canaan had used this as a starting point, then punched it up with using wallpaper, usually monochramatic grasscloth or vinyl (so much more practical if you have kids/pets). The light beige or gray wallpaper was often used with dark colored trim and bookshelves to provide some contrast. In butler’s pantries the trim and shelving was always done in high gloss. There was one home that stuck with gray, white and lot of light colored wood and then used bright Hermes orange as an accent color and had a massive stone dining room table in dark color surrounded by bright orange velvet chairs – wish I had a photo, it was striking.

Minimalistic modern: visited 2 homes done in that style, not hardware visible, kitchen is one white blank wall, furniture has soft edges and art and lighting are the only things that pop.


I don’t get this style, it looks like you are trying ever so hard and I cannot imagine this being comfortable. One room had this colossal floor lamp that arched throughout the whole room, the other home had a sculpture of a horse corpse… If this is your style, don’t force it into a traditional colonial with traditional millwork, it doesnt work. This style to me always said: Look I have lots and lots of money and am super artsy (but no taste).

Maximalism: as people are getting tired of all gray interiors, more color is coming in, bold high gloss blue/orange/green. There’s more personal items being used, vintage or collected, earth colors are coming back, strong prints in wallpaper, especially in powder rooms, upholstered walls to add more warmth and texture – I love it all. And there was one home that used all these ideas and had done it so perfectly that my friend and I ooh’d and aah’d from room to room. It was traditional with a twist, “I don’t care, this is what we like” and probably the only home I will really remember.

It was filled with antiques and warm colors, collections and art, but it didnt feel old, however. Reminded me of Ralph Lauren Home.

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