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Organizing christmas decor

It looks like Christmas outside, we’ve got at least a foot of snow and more is coming. Kids are watching Christmas movies and I thought what better time to tackle this mess here:


I had picked up matching Sterilite containers earlier from Home Depot for $8.99 and also bought this massive Husky shelving unit. It weighed a ton and was a total operation to get into my SUV so I have to caution you, have a handyman pick it up if possible. I drove home my face against the front window. Not fun.

Then girls and I took out ALL the boxes and containers, emptied and sorted them. Like went with like. All gold ornaments together, all picks together, all lights in one box etc etc etc. Tossed a few items I hadnt really used. Then we carefully packed it up again while my less than thrilled hubby assembled the storage unit. While Melanie worked without any complaints, Olivia kept complaining and asking me why I didnt do this after Christmas. Maybe I should have had, but truth be told, as much as I love Christmas and all that goes with it, right after New Years Eve I am over it and all I want to do is pack it all away and clean the house.

I labelled everything so I would know what’s what. I also had my hubs hang plenty of hooks for wreaths so they could all be up. The only downside is that he will see how many wreaths you have and really question your judgement!


And we ran out of hooks.


It’s SO much better than before. That green unlabelled container is where the more special and fragile ornaments reside. I still need to order another storage unit where all the loose stuff could go like little trees, Christmas flower arrangements, specific bowls and trays etc.

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