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Makeup brushes you need.

I figured, I’ll be turning 40 (eventually in next 10 years or so, no rush) so better get my act together: hair, skin, makeup. Big plans. After I bought this huge set of brushes I realized I do not have a clue what to use these for and have probably done it wrong. So here’s a little guide as I am guessing I’m not the only harried mom who has no clue.

I have a mix of brushes from Chanel, Estee Lauder, Mac and god knows what else. Buy what you like but for these few, get something decent so it’ll last. Cheap brushes do shed and fall apart faster. There’s like hundreds of brushes for your face on Mac site along, here are 7 really need to have brushes.

Blending brush: dusting eye-shadow and using it to highlight the crease. You might not think you need to worry about the crease but it adds so much dimension to your eyes and if you have inset eyes, its a must.


Eyeshadow brush (also called shader brush)mac_sku_MY5N01_280x320_0

Concealer brush: you are welcome to use fingers as well but this sucker is good for getting into under eyes as well as scars, acne, blemishes.


Foundation brush: I think for everyday tinted moisturizer and concealer is all you need but for events this is nice to have or if you need full


Contour brush: handy tool for emphasizing cheekbones, use it with matte bronzer. Excellent how-to videos on You Tube.


Blush brush: apply in circular motions to the apples of your cheeks.


Highlight brush (tapered face brush): for applying highlighter (cream or powder) to the top of your cheekbones, down your nose, on cupid’s bow etc.




And finally, a quick guide to contouring: bronzer, blush and highlighter.


Image from here