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Q&A: Plastic Surgery

I will start answering a few questions I have received but I thought I would start with this. I get a lot of questions on plastic surgery – after analyzing clothes, hair etc I inevitably get asked “Do you think I need anything done?”

I used to work at an investment bank in equity research where we saw a fair amount of studies on various procedures from lasers to surgeries. They were not always favorable but it was rather obvious that a proactive approach resulted in best results overall. In time wrinkles settle in and fillers can only lift them so much, a facelift decades later never looks good (at least I haven’t seen one that I like). Facials overall I don’t think do much but peels and laser treatments can address numerous concerns very successfully with minimal down time.


Overall, this is something you need to decide for yourself. Tretinoin use has proven to be the only thing to regenerate collagen, good skincare routine is helpful and nothing makes us look worse than no sleep and lack of exercise. The key is to find a good doctor, do your research and to have realistic expectations. And never make a decision based on price alone, this is your face we are talking about.

I am not getting compensated in any way for my opinions but here’s two I like and whose work I have seen over the years:

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery & Laser Center: Dr. Kim – laser skin treatments

Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield, CT: dermal fillers, laser hair removal

Good skin and good hair are more important than good clothes.