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How to manage you first grey hairs

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The sleepless nights, stress, not taking care of yourself, genetics – what have you – have finally caught up with you. You officially have grey hair. Ironically, it can happen in your 20s as well as 30s, 40s and some lucky ones don’t get any till in their 50s. So what to do? There’s basically 2 options:

*HIGHLIGHTS: you can go up to 3 tones lighter than your base color and have the stylist place more highlights around the face, more flattering and then you won’t see the annoying little grey hairs! It will grow out obviously, so your upkeep would be to visit a salon every 6-8 weeks. There are some products that help you do some touch ups at home.


Color wow has great reviews and is easily available; it comes in 7 colors including red and has some staying power. Not really easy to apply, be prepared for some tired arms but it is what it is. $34.50


Rita Hazen, colorist to the stars, has her own line of root concealers which have won high prize. Apparently it even stays on through showering. Bonus points for ease of application though it might take several tries to get used to it. 4 colors, $25.

*SINGLE PROCESS aka just dying all your roots. It can be difficult to find color that matches your hair EXACTLY so you’re better off coloring the roots and having the stylist pull some of that color through to blend it in. If you have a lot of grey, this is a better option that highlights as it covers all your roots. If you still would like to get some highlights, I would recommend ombre look where the ends of the hair are lightened a bit using balayage technique (thicker highlights that are painted on hair) so you don’t have to get highlights every time you need a touch up. You can get a few highlights around the face to make it look more natural like Lily Aldridge here:

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