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Beauty hacks for making your life less stressful.

Here are my top tips for saving time, money and nerves while looking your very best. I will recommend several products in this post, please buy them from reputable source, otherwise you’ll risk getting an old or counterfeit product (that includes lots of Amazon sellers).


You should know what type skin you have and have a skincare regimen in place. Rather than wonder what to do with you insert your problem here, visit a dermatologist and sort it out.  Don’t necessary buy everything they recommend, for example I was recommended a Vitamin C serum that was $125 but that active ingredient is widely available so you can buy it for much less. If you are over 30, I strongly recommend you start using retinol which is essentially Vitamin A and helps recover damaged cells which will then retain more collagen and elastin. Great OTC product is ROC, use every other night. Your skincare regimen should look like this and then you can tailor it to your specific needs.

Morning: cleanser, tonic, eye cream with SPF and face cream with SPF.

Evening: cleanser, resurfacing pad, serum, eye cream and night time face cream.

If you have never had a regimen in place, there are a lot of companies that offer a treatment set. I recently tried Arbonne (botanical based products) and I loved the ease of using their RE9 line (algae and Vitamin C).


A consultant will diagnose your skincare needs and recommend best products for your skincare. If you are interested and live in Connecticut, contact Michelle Hudson at 917-453-4953/hudsonmlf@msn.com

Dr. Hauschka and Weleda have good lines as well in similar vein as Arbonne. Olay Regenerist line is available everywhere and has won countless awards. And while fairly expensive Tara Harper line is a luxury natural skincare line that has hordes of devoted followers.

If your skin still looks a little lifeless, YSL Touche Eclat is a cult favorite for illuminating and highlighting, it’s not exactly cheap at $42. Here’s how to apply:


    Source: globalglam.com


I barely wear any makeup during the day save the concealer (for my nose which tends to get red if it’s below 70 degrees) and little bit of bronzer. I tried Latisse for lash growth and loved it, my lashes got so long! But it ended up irritating my eyes, so I had to give it up. Another option is to get your lashes tinted, it will last about 3 months. While lash tint is not as dramatic as Latisse or extensions, it gave me some color and made my eyes pop a bit more. Win.


I am the fairest one of them all, which translates into a fairly pasty complexion in colder months.  I love St. Tropez self tanner if I can’t get to a salon. Little tan makes you look prettier, more rested and thinner. Try it if you haven’t. There are great tutorials on how to apply on internet. I scrub myself in shower first, then apply a little lotion on ankles, elbows and knees, then apply self tanner while wearing disposable plastic gloves. There’s a new express tanner out by St Tropez which is great when in a rush. No getting wet while it is on! Depending what product you are using, Express can be washed off in 2 hours and it will normally last about a week. Sand and long baths as well as any exfoliation will remove it, so quick showers and plenty of lotion is the way to keep your tan looking its best. I should also add it masks cellulite pretty well.

Stacey Before & After1_full


Gel manicure – lasts 2-3 weeks. Need I say more. It does dehydrate your nails and when not removed properly it will damage nails. Go to a reputable salon and take a break here and there so that your nails can recover.


on your body that is – laser hair removal. I thought this was something Kardashians did until I was at a spa and the lady there said I would be a perfect candidate for it and, I kid you not, said let me show you and quickly lasered an area before I even realized what was happening. I bought a package of 6 visits, had to add another one for 3 more. It is fantastic. If you have red or grey or really blond hair on your body it might not work well for you, it needs dark hair to recognize the follicles. I went every 2-3 months and it took about 30 min each time. Beats waxing and shaving. The only downsize is that if you do some areas like bikini but not legs, you forget you need to address those areas, yikes! I recommend Melissa at Dr. Sofer’s office.

I also tend to throw on a hair mask while working out in our gym and/or when cleaning. Maybe even a face mask. I am a queen of multitasking like most moms. Trust me, you want to call ahead if you are coming by. 🙂

Hope you all found this helpful.