The ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day

At a party last year I overheard some guys complain about Valentine’s Day – how difficult it is to figure out what to get and how the wives will be disappointed no matter what, etc. I laughed and said if only there was an idiot’s guide to romance and they looked at me and nodded! One of them even asked me later if there is a website like that! Quick scan on the internet did turn up some sad lists. suggests that he get you some soft granny pants from or Tom’s wool slip ons. Now if that doesn’t spell sexy time….

So here you go, guys, quick and efficient guide to romance…

Valentine's Day gifts


Flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. A regular bouquet is nice but hopefully that’s something she gets throughout the year. Costco sells massive bunches of roses, grab 2-3 of the same color and you are set with flowers. Put it in one large vase or spread it out throughout the room. Very Hallmark. Another store that carries a great selection of flowers is Trader Joe’s. Just make sure you get same or similar color, it will look much more cohesive and pretty.


Card. Those oversized cards are tacky but in a fun way. Otherwise get a blank card and write a short but thoughtful message. I know most guys sweat bullets at the thought of doing that but, really, just write something simple and true: If I have a bad day at work, I close my eyes and think of you. Ya know? Do NOT get online and google some ideas, it should come from you. Besides, I wouldn’t be happy to get a trite and overtired quote like this as recommends: 14. I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later, and I asked why. It told me angels don’t watch other angels. Awful. Just do you.


Gifts. I don’t think you need to do gifts on Valentine’s day but if you’d like to get some extra brownie points go ahead. Don’t go out a limb and get her something department stores are hawking. Only buy something she wants or can actually use. If she likes going to the spa, get her an appointment with the person she likes (the spa should have that info) and obviously include the tip. If she loves taking baths, get her some Jo Malone bath salts is a scent you know she favors. Order online and ship it to work:,, Spring another $3-5 for gift packaging and done!7bac4fc44cbbdc869178f42237fc402d

Chocolate. I’d only get chocolate if she really likes it not because its a thing on Valentine’s Day. And then please get something decent. Chances are there’s a chocolatier or candy store in you town and you can go a weekend prior and get something tasty. La Maison du Chocolat and Vosges are luxury options online, William Sonoma will sell some nice options and there’s of course Godiva and Lindt etc. This box below is a 17 pcs Valentine’s day box from Vosges, $55. So pretty!


Kids. If you’ll get something for mom, it’ll be nice to get something for kiddos as well. Balloons, little candy etc. My hubs will be shocked I’m using his handiwork as a DO but here are a few pics of what he has gotten our daughters. 🙂

Dinner. I do not like going out on Valentine’s Day but if you won’t mind, make sure you reserve the table and get the sitter’s cell nr from her phone and make the arrangements. In advance! What we’ve done for a few years now is after kids go down, we have a romantic dinner at home – music, candles, bubbly… I’ve usually cooked steak and made some kind of a chocolate dessert but you could just order in, buy some lobster (don’t forget chilled wine), buy dessert and have an impromptu picnic in front of the fireplace. Below I had dragged a small table in front of the french doors in the living room and we had dinner there. Not that dining room wouldn’t have worked, different setting was just a little more fun and made it feel more special. Excuse the drab photo.


Now, ladies, I think your part is pretty easy. Get some pretty underwear (if you don’t already have some in the back of your closet, dust it off and you are all set!). Any department store has some good options, for more adventurous there’s Agent Provocateur  and La Perla and for a less expensive options I recommend Hanky Panky Midnight collection or Elle MacPherson. The fit and quality is really good. I love La Perla but for sexy underwear that you won’t wear that often, it doesn’t quite seem worth the $. And you will wear it for all of 5 minutes.



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